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Awards for SAVING LA FAMILIA; July 7th 2022


Saving La Familia is a Finalist in the Comedy-Suspense category for the 2022 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Awards!

Updates on SAVING LA FAMILIA; February 10th 2022

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Background of SAVING LA FAMILIA; January 20th 2022


Being bicultural/bilingual, I relied on my childhood memories and experiences with fellow latinos in Silicon Valley to bring alive some of the characters in my novel. My oldest and dearest friend, Connie Villalobos, became the model for Dina Salazar’s sweet beautician sister. My Hispanic grandmother, strong and wise, became the model for Dina’s Mexican-born grandmother, who recruits her to help her cousins trapped in Mexico and hiding from a dangerous drug cartel “padron.” The wry, humorous “dichos” at the beginning of each chapter come from the grandmother and Hispanic culture in general. I feel very privileged to have been raised in a bicultural/bilingual family and am blessed to have close cousins that remind me constantly of that unique heritage.

Balancing Life and Writing ; January 20th 2022

While I was teaching high school and community college, I had little time for anything else except raising a husband (ha!) and two children. I did write a novel or two during my thirty-four years of teaching and even gained the attention of a famous literary agent, Frieda Fishbein, but her efforts came to nothing. Finally, upon retirement I decided to return to writing novels. I sold my first novel immediately and all the others that followed, having decided to concentrate on small publishers and spin my wheels trying to please a literary agent. It was a decision I took half-heartedly but I was not prepared for novel writing to consume my life. Being retired, my husband and I have done a lot of traveling, some of which end up as settings in my novels. I love music and have sung with the Sacramento Valley Chorus for many years. Also, I love art and have been an avid collector for years. I love spending time with my family in California and Texas and so with all of these distractions, I do not write full-time. I tell my stories when I am inspired to do so.